• Cara-Lee Compton


Seeing that we went straight from Summer to Winter, I had no time to do a blog well in advance, so here it is, a few of my favorite pieces, at affordable prices. Woohoo!

First up, CARGO PANTS.

Man, I love this look! Cargo pants in black, stone, green, pink - whatever colour (just avoid camo, for fashion's sake). Cargo pants are versatile and can go for a slow Sunday or a Friday night out. The perfect companion to cargo pants? Bulky boots! More info on boots to follow...

Some bargains on cargo pants: Mr Price R150 - R250 and Superbalist, from R300.


I've always liked a good old piece of knitwear. Jerseys, cardigans with cute buttons, cable-knits and vests. The new styled-sleeve or poloneck knitwear trend is gorgeous and makes being fashionable seem effortless. Throw on a jersey over a button shirt, crop style or a bit oversized even better, and you're good to go. Another favorite at the moment - knitwear with a little 'extra', whether it's frills, some bling, colourblock or a quirky quote. In essence, you cannot go wrong with some knitwear this winter!

The go-to knitwear bargains are at Woolworths, Pick and Pay Clothing, Superbalist and Mr Price, and the prices range from R150.

COATS & WOOL, ain't that the dream winter combo!

I can easily spend 20k-plus in Zara at the moment on coats, they just get it right every season When it comes to buying outerwear, I would always argue in favor of the long-term investment option. Cheaper is not always the best buy when it comes to things like coats. You want quality over quantity, something that will last for years!

There are cheaper options - look out for regular sales on Superbalist, end of the season Zara sales, and Woolworths. Prices vary, but if you can, spend that extra R300 on a coat, it will always be worth it!

Now, for my personal favorite, BOOTS.

Boots are quite versatile and come in many different forms. The trend at the moment is a bulky army-like boot, and I love it! Pair it with cargo pants, a dress, mom jeans... you name it, and it just works! Block-heal and Chelsea boots will never go out of style, so that is always a trusted investment. I personally do not always opt for the most expensive shoes. Perhaps it is just because I live on an article clerk's budget. So, I love bargain hunting when it comes to shoes. I got some great deals on Superbalist and Legit this season, with prices ranging from R199 and up. Woolworths also had a winner of a 30% off sale, that includes the bulky boots!

ACCESSORISING with fur, gloves and gold.

Okay, I know fur is not everyone's vibe, but fur hats, gloves, even clothing items are a massive hit this season, and obviously, warm and cozy! Then, my personal season favorite, leather gloves. Stylish, timeless and just cool. Last on my list of season must haves, chunky gold jewelry. Earrings, chains, rings... gold is the season's go to! Zara has stunning leather gloves at the moment, but, wait for the sale. Mango also has some gloves on sale on Superbalist. Lovisa is the go-to for jewelry. They have a special running - 5 pieces for R250. Furry hats - they are all over online stores. This cute pink one is available at Mr Price.

Happy cold season, readers! Hope you hunt down those Winter bargains!