• Cara-Lee Compton

What to Wear to Work

Deciding what to wear to day one of work was about as stressful as deciding what to wear to civvies day in high school. "Will I be able to walk in these heels, for the entire day? Is this dress too long, and how short is too short? Am I even stylish in these clothes?"

So many things rushed through my mind - even that scene in The Grinch where he tries out a thousand outfits and ends up saying 'That's it, I'm not going'. I had to go though, apparently it's frowned upon to skip the first day on the job. That evening I turned to a trusted old friend and personal stylist - Pinterest. Let me share my fashionable finds with you...

1. The trouser

Fancy pants and plain tops - style does not always mean colour and out-there outfits. Chino pants and the tailored trouser has been making its way back into the world of fashion. Even better, it is highly recommended for the workplace. This means you can rock your inner fashionista and comply with work-code. Black, white, navy, grey and natural tones are always the best buys, but don't be scared to add pastel or just a bit of colour. Extravagant shoes are also not too court friendly for me, so for now I'll stick to my neutral colour shoes with a mid-block heel - perfect to complete the minimalist work look.

2. The dress

Who doesn't like a cool, flowy, breezy dress for work in the summer? Even a pencil skirt does the trick. I personally love the pencil skirt look with a tucked in button shirt. I have bought a few golden pieces on Superbalist a while ago, but also, don't underestimate Contempo. I am going to be completely honest, walking in there (with my mom, obvs), I did not expect to see so many things that I absolutely loved. There was a sale and the bargain-bug bit me. Long story short - go to Contempo now and then, and secondly, go for the dress. You are allowed to show a part of your legs, own it!

3. The blazer

Aaah, the blazer. Your bestie in winter, and probably not your favorite piece of clothing in summer. A blazer is extremely versatile. It can match your pants or it can be colourful, floral, check or any other print. My style tip would be to go for the suit - matching pants and blazer, tailored cut. I fancy a longer length blazer, and I'm currently eyeing one at Zara, now I just need to save a few more months AND wait for the sale! Also have a look at Woolworths, Edgars, Forever New, H&M and on Superbalist and Zara Online. Whatever your budget, there's a blazer for you.

There you have it, a beginner's guide to workwear. Give me a year and I might have different advice, like just going for the most comfortable clothes you can find. For now, keep on hunting those bargains - not everything should be Forever New - leave that to Rolene Strauss!

Now go get it, girl!