• Cara-Lee Compton

What a time to be alive

... no pun intended! Have you ever had a moment, a kind of out-of-body experience, where you are in Checkers, just looking for a fresh fig and some brie so you can try that Pinterest recipe, and you find yourself - looking at yourself, with your mask, trying not to touch your face or your phone - in the midst of a pandemic? It's surreal, isn't it?

Are we, as humans, as developed and advanced as we would've wanted to believe? We are still exposed to threats that we cannot even see, rendering us vulnerable, susceptible beings at the hands of Mother Nature. No amount of technology, military equipment or money could instantly stop this virus.

On a lighter note, it took me quite some time to get into any sort of rhythm. While I'd usually say that routine is lethal, this time routine can actually save you from that lazy, inner-procrastinating beast! With the extension of the lockdown period, we can easily lose ourselves and our minds. Do not fret or fear, these last two weeks (yes, now there are only two weeks left), we can dare to dream, maybe jot down those ideas that have gathered dust and spiderwebs in our hearts. Perhaps we can catch up with old friends, arrange a coffee date once it's all over. Maybe this is just the time to realign your emotions, physical wellbeing and your spiritual life.

I am feeling inspired by the extra time to write (A LOT), prepare new content to be created post-lockdown and really get back to basics. With 'basics' I mean my core - the dreams that my most inner being are woven together with - what God wants from me and needs from me and what I want most for myself. I have been contemplating where I am in life during this period, with the realisation of being 26 and in between nowhere and somewhere.

I decided to get through my days by being clear, every morning, of what needs to be done and when. Then, I try to be conscious about what I am busy with. Watching series and playing games on my phone isn't necessarily stimulating and I can do much better things with my time. Finally, I try to be consistent in this time. Eat the same time as any other day and the same amount of food (now is the worst time to be binge eating). Exercise, which has been rather challenging, but I try and do it at least every second day, with basic yoga on my off days. Above all, I try to consistently give myself a break. Not checking emails and fretting about my work to-do list is definitely a challenge, seeing that my work space is also part of the kitchen and the living room.

I can write a lot about how crazy this time is we find ourselves in, but I don't think anyone needs telling. I am sure when the clock strikes midnight on the 30th of April, we'll have many happy campers all around the country. Now we're just praying that when Free-day comes, we have the right Covid-19 stats for us to be able to resume our lives. In the meantime, I want to encourage you to renew yourself during this 'break', reconstruct your thinking, your dreaming, your goals and hobbies. At the end of this lockdown you could be a completely different person, and you can change your post-lockdown life too. Put your own silver lining in this very dark cloud!