• Cara-Lee Compton

Traveling on a tight budget

If you are as bad at saving money as I am, and wondering how you'll ever be able to travel on your current #budget, this is the blog for you!

Superga and Freedom of Movement
Ho Chi Minh Airport, Vietnam

Firstly, just like actually saving money, you have to make a decision that you are going to #travel and put away money to realize it, because if you make this decision and you are absolutely committed to it, you'll stick to your plan. That leads me to my second point, GET A PLAN. This is the 'when, where, with whom and how long' of your trip. Thirdly, find yourself a trusted travel agency or use credible sources when planning your own holiday. I used so many different sources when I was planning my trip, I had about 30 tabs open on Google at once. As I was going to be traveling alone for the first time, I decided to work through an agency, just to make sure all the nitty-gritties were in place (travel insurance, airport pick-ups etc.). If you've watched Carte Blanch recently, you would have seen how easily people get caught in travel scams. Look for a trusted website, check out their deals, then physically go to their nearest office and consult with an agent there. If a travel-deal seams too good to be true, it most probably is! I chose #STA Travel because they had an office in Hatfield, close to the university. They also had great deals on tours and flights, and after about a week of exchanging information and confirming dates, my tour was booked and secured with a R1000 deposit. Another great feature from STA Travel is their #FlexiTour deals. You can secure your trip as well as your flights with a R1000 deposit. Depending on which Flexi-deal you decide on, you can pay off the total amount of your trip when you like and whatever amount you like, up to about a month or two before your first flight leaves. THIS IS HOW YOU CAN SAVE, without actually having to save months in advance before even looking at something you can afford, or without having to pay a lump sum for everything.

What was so ideal about this, was that I could work out a monthly budget in order to pay off the trip, and that I was forced to 'save' in a way. I would usually save money until I really wanted something, then I'd convince myself that I would travel some other time. By securing my trip, I prioritized traveling - and man, was it worth prioritizing for!

Take it from a shopaholic - there will always be shoes or a dress, or even a sale that you 'HAVE' to spend money on, but paying for my trip was worth every cent and every sale missed! I would love to hear about your travel inspo and how you go about planning a trip!