• Cara-Lee Compton

Tie-dye clouds, with a strong chance of 90's showers

This is your Spring/Summer 2019 #trend forecast coming to you from the comfort of my bed. With temperatures higher than what we've ever seen before in August, some weird and funky fresh styles are hitting our shores, just in time for that spring shopping spree. I've picked out the most popular of these - enjoy!

Trend forecasting Spring/Summer 2019


Yes, you read it, Tie-dye is a thing, again! From jumpsuits to beach wear, this print was spotted all over major fashion weeks' runways. Style a #tie-dye T-shirt with last season's mom jean, or go for the maxi dress (seeing that maxi dresses are also very popular for this spring season), and you are good to go. Get your hippy on and "walk-walk fashion baby" - Lady Gaga, wearer of meat dresses and shoes that could break an ankle with one wangle.


Throwback to 2008 where anything #neon made you shine like the bright little star that you are, except this time, we're going to have to do it without Jay Jays. Now I know neon can be scary, and no one wants to look like they've walked out of a 60's aerobics video, but it's happening and we will just have to make the most of it. Opt for the whole package, a neon jumpsuit or just a neon suit (matching suit pants and blazers are major trends at the moment). Another way to style it is a neon piece (top or bottom), matched with a pattern or print, i.e. snake skin. If it is just way too much for you to handle, go for a neon accessory. It's a risky business, but you will definitely be turning heads with your brights on.


Seeing that we are the winners of multitasking, our clothes should do the same. I'm talking belts, buckles, velcro and pockets, a lot of pockets. You're probably thinking, 'are we going to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro?'. No, we're just going to dress like the practical and efficient women that we are! #Utility wear includes boiler suits, belted jackets, velcro sandals and the final addition - cargo pants. You can even leave the handbag at home with enough pockets for your phone, keys, purse, and your chihuahua. Okay, on a serious note, this is a trend that you can OWN and really look cool in, so don't stress, utilize!


Grab grandma's quilt and her curtains, we're making a dress! Throw together a bunch of different pieces of fabric, with various patterns and colors, and you've got yourself a Spring style! Seen across the world on all major runways as part of the 'maximalism' movement, we have yet another daring trend for 2019. Work it as a maxi dress, blouse, culotte, kimono or even shoes if an entire #patchwork outfit is too much for you. Out with the florals and in with the funky fabrics!


Now for the best news, the #nineties are still with us, it will ALWAYS be with us. Starting in 2018 with bombers and scrunchies, the 90's vibe is lingering in 2019 and is totally ready for its spring appearance. Look out for those oversized graphic shirts and mom jeans, bulky platform shoes and tight and bright bodysuits. On the accessory front we still have scrunchies, bucket hats, moonbags and mini bags doing the most. A few other popular items that you can style with anything and everything are denim skirts and jumpers, bright sunglasses and square-toed sandals. Although we can't have those pre-school naps back, we can honor our youth with a fresh take on the 90's.

The great news regarding all of the above mentioned trends is that ALL shops are stocking up on these items, from Mr Price to Zara, to H&M and Superbalist.

Get it anywhere, at any price you can afford.

Ready, set, Spring!