• Cara-Lee Compton

The stress-factor.

STRESS, what a wicked thing. The past couple of weeks it has consumed me in many ways. I hope today that someone can relate and KNOW that no mater how heavy the stress-scale, everything will be okay. Dealing with #stress can be stressful, so break the cycle before it becomes one.

Firstly, I want to tell you something that is super important and I truly hope you remember it forever:

1. Your issues and struggles,no matter how small they may be in the bigger picture, IS relevant and it is important. Yes, sadly there are people dying of hunger and rhinos are on the verge of extinction, but that should not nullify your #problems or make it seem less important.

2. The other side of it is just as important - watch out not to belittle or invalidate someone else's struggles because you feel like what you're going through is worse. Rather relate with what they're feeling and uplift them.

Secondly, stress is probably the most normal, human emotion or feeling anyone can experience, yet I have told myself, and others for many years "I don't really stress", until I was vomiting blood and stomach acids in a hotel room in Egypt in 2017 (sorry, that was a bit gross). I kept telling myself that I was okay and that I am a strong girl, then ended up getting an injection in the very VERY lower back area, in the middle of Cairo - literally! Thing is, you can be as strong as you want, if your body and psyche decides it's had enough, you are in trouble!

After that whole incident I realized that it's not necessarily that I don't stress, I just don't identify it right away because it manifests in different ways, and then I don't deal with it properly. I start eating either everything, or nothing. I sleep too much or not at all. I am over-emotional or I won't even shed one tear when Mufasa falls down that cliff. Stress is literally my one-way ticket to the worst roller-coaster out there.

So, as one should do with all problems - Identify it, call a spade a spade and get a solution to it. When the going gets tough, I do the following: Whatever is necessary at that moment. Sometimes I need to go to the gym or for a run, sometimes I don't need that at all because I am already pressed for time. Sometimes I need a chocolate, mostly not, because part of my stress is usually getting into shape,but you know, we all need a treat now and then. Very often I just need to put away my phone and my laptop, get into bed early, have some quiet time and rest. Make lists of important tasks if you have to, take a bubble bath, scream at the top of your lungs in the car (it seriously works, especially when road-rage is part of the mix). 'Self-love' is much more than a facial and a shopping spree.

Listen to your #body and your #mental notifications, and remember, in the words of Kris Kardashian, "You're doing great sweety".