• Cara-Lee Compton

The 'I'll start on Monday' kind of life

How many times have you heard, or said, 'Monday is the day I start a new diet'? I have probably said it every single Sunday of my adult life, trying to comfort my conscience after all the things I've stuffed my face with over the weekend. Now if there's one thing I can tell you, it's that I am tired of doing it to myself. If that sounds familiar, please read on...

I've been really killing myself with the ups and downs of my health-life. It's one extreme or the other - I either eat like I'm a pro-athlete, or I eat like I'm on an episode of my 600 lb life. Even when I lose weight, it's either because I was committed for two weeks, or it is because I didn't eat enough and I was stressed. Enough of my rollercoaster though, let's talk about the daily struggles majority people experience and possible ways to tackle these issues heads on.

Firstly, routine can be lethal, but routine can also be your best weapon on a health journey. Start with the basics - have set days for meal-prep and plan when you are going to buy your healthy whole foods. Many people grab whatever is fastest and easiest to eat, usually not the kind of food that was properly prepared and full of nutrients. Get a workout routine, whether it be to workout twice or five times a week, just decide on the days and the times, set that alarm and stay true to it. You can even go as basic as setting a snack routine or a water routine. Write your routine down and stick to it, until it becomes second nature. Just a quick disclaimer, there will be times where something interferes with your routine - accept it, life is life, pick up your routine the next day.

Planning. There's a saying that goes 'failing to plan is planning to fail'. It is pretty much intertwined with the first point on having a routine. Planning is essential to healthy living. First and foremost - plan what you're going to put into your body. I'm talking main meals, snacks, drinks, shakes and supplements (if you're planning on using those). Make a list of healthy ingredients. If you don't even have an idea of what to buy or where to start, Google or Pinterest some healthy recipes and take some ingredients from there. Then plan on prepping your food. Plan your lunch each day. Google a restaurant's menu before you go there and choose the healthier option, before you can be tempted with the deep fried goods. It is also important to plan your fitness goals. By when do you want to run a 5 km, or a 21 km, or just walk 30 minutes a day, or perhaps squat or lift a certain weight. Plan your workouts for the week. Plan your workout outfit, if that works for you. Just PLAN. There is no use in declaring your diet and life changes if you're not putting it on paper.

Ready, set, action. Get up and go. If that alarm goes off at 5 am, get up. By the time your running or in the gym, you won't even be thinking of your bed anymore. Your desire to be healthy and to get in shape has to be greater than your desire for sugar or sleeping an hour later. You can plan your entire life and think of the best routines to get into, but without those plans and routines becoming a reality you will feel the same way you are feeling now, in a month's time, or even a year. Just start. Start with more water, 30 minutes more workout time, more fruits and vegetables, less sugar and processed foods, more sleep and more HEALTHY HABITS.

In a year's time, I know I am going to thank myself for changing the little things everyday, so I can be the healthiest version I have ever been. I have let myself down more than I am proud of with my rollercoaster health decisions, and I know consistency is key on any health journey. Remember that health is not a journey where you ever arrive to a certain weight and then there's it - you have reached your destination. Make the best decision for your body every day for the rest of your days.

I will soon be sharing more of this new embarkment on getting healthy again - this time for good!