• Cara-Lee Compton

The five must-haves for a sunny summer holiday

Sixteen days until Christmas, which means ten days until I run around in Menlyn buying everyone gifts. It's my very ineffective and inefficient annual tradition. Anyway - there are a few things that I will HAVE to go to the shops for before the holidays, and I am here to give you the low-down on the summer-showdown.

1. Bamboo bags

These wooden tote bags and straw handbags are super cute, although its efficiency might be questioned. Imagine carrying around your 'girl stuff' in that thing, and no more throwing restaurant sweets and small change in your bag. Except for its apparent practical flaws, it is a great fashion statement. It goes with everything and anything. I would however recommend using it as a statement piece, rather than an everyday accessory.

2. Bucket hats

This has to be my favourite summer accessory. It's cute, it's versatile and they come in all different colours, prints and materials. If you're looking to complete your cute beach look, a bucket hat is the way to go, or pair it with a short and T-shirt. Bucket hats have been trending for a while now, so keep them in your closet for when it's trending again, even if it's in 20 years!

3. Wrap dresses

Flowy and floral, long or short, beach bum or Christmas lunch - whatever the occasion, wrap dresses for the win! Stores and online shops are overflowing with many different wrap dresses and we are spoiled for choice. Wrap dresses are comfortable, easy to wear and easy to style. A pair of sandals or a pair of heels, add to taste, and you have a stylish summer look.

4. Statement sunglasses

What better statement to make than putting something fancy on your face. The popularity of sunglasses has never really declined, however, oval sunglasses has become quite popular recently. With many different colours to choose from, as well as different styles - from the cat eye to those tiny glasses that Sir Elton John would add to his collection, don't miss out on this simple way to style-up this summer!

5. Ruching

Very popular this spring/ summer season, is the major 80s trend called ruching. Mini skirts, dresses and tops - if it's ruched, it should be in your cart! I would not consider it to be one of my favorites, to me it looks a bit like I was pulling on a loose thread and then it all went South. This obviously happens to me often! If ruching is your thing though, go for it gal.

Although it's been raining like in the days of Noah, the sun will be back soon and then we have to be ready for that summer style! Let's get summer-shopping!