• Cara-Lee Compton


With a new year looming, and the promise of a better year ahead, I know we are more excited than ever to be at the end of 2020. Exciting summer trends are overflowing in stores at the moment, here is a summary I made of the trends I think are easy to wear, pull off and love.


Let's take it from the top and start with hats. I know I've said that bucket hats are trending before, but they still are. The latest bucket hat frenzy is a pastel, terry cloth material, which basically looks and feels like a towel. It's cute and soft and girly, and a must have for those long, in the sun beach days, or just a bad hair day!

Terry Bucket Hat - R179 from Cotton On


There are so many different types of dresses in store and online at the moment, and I truly love (almost) all of them. Some fashion favorites are the extravagant, puffed sleeve dresses, poplin dresses, bold, bright and big pattern dresses, square neck dresses and of course, the tiered dress is still a winner. Wear them with slip-ons, wedges, espadrille platforms, jelly shoes (I see that's becoming a thing again) or sneaks - the possibilities are endless, and that's why I love a good dress!

Dresses on Superbalist.com from R199


...The style that keeps on giving.

A while ago I predicted the Bermuda shorts-style to be a big hit, and so it happened. They might seem outdated, but aren't we glad the 'let your bum cheeks show' trend has passed? Grab one in denim, linen, cotton or tailored style. Dress it up with a matching suit jacket or dress it down for brunch with a crop top.

Bermuda shorts from Superbalist.com to Zara (in store and online)


Listen, I know these heels seem very strange, nonetheless, it is very fashionable at the moment and a trend that is easy to pull off - literally, just put it on. They are everywhere, in different colors, with various patterns and ranging in prices. If the variety isn't enough, they can go with formal wear, jeans, skirts and dresses. A great addition to your summer shoe closet!

Square toe heels at Cotton On / Superbalist / Zando from R299

5. The Bucket Bag

Finally, the cutest of them all, the bucket bag. This trend has been growing since early 2020 and is now extremely popular. Available in every size and colour you can think of, what a great investment it is. I always advocate for slow fashion, not the quick and current trends that end up on the no-wear pile a few months later. This little baby is just that - a long terms fashion investment, something you can always use again!

Various bucket bags on Superbalist.com

Enjoy the last few days of this year, stay healthy and safe, and may the new year that's knocking on our doors be better than the one we're leaving behind! Be blessed dear blog readers x