• Cara-Lee Compton

Strap it in and buckle up

The season of funky shoes is upon us - and boy are we in for a fun time.

Velcros, buckles, straps - it's all about keeping those feet locked down! I haven't written in a while, because well, I basically had no life outside of my academic duties, but I am seeing these shoes EVERYWHERE and had to make sure you know that it's on like donkey kong!

Okay I know some of you might be thinking 'ew', but hear me out - it's not often that efficiency, practicality and fashion meet, so I say CARPE DIEM and buy yourself a pair of these babies.

A quick, interesting background into what we call 'velcro' - it is actually called 'hook-and-loop fastener'. Velcro is the patented invention of Georges de Mestral, a Swiss engineer who, in 1941 went for a walk in the woods with his dog and wondered whether something useful could be made of the burrs that clung to his trousers. After nearly eight years of research, de Mestral successfully reproduced the natural attachment with two strips of fabric - one strip with thousands little hooks and another with thousands little loops. Although velcro is the company's name and his specific invention, for the purpose of this exercise, let's just call it what everyone calls is - VELCRO. Since its creation, velcro has been utilized by armies, NASA and of course the clothing industry. #FunIrrelevantFacts

Moving on, everything velcro and buckles have been ruling the runways recently. There was an entire section at Paris Fashion Week where the models were wearing Birkenstocks. Kendall Jenner was also spotted wearing Birkenstocks in between fashion weeks. Vogue World humoristically describes Birkenstocks (see first photo above) as "The homely sandal, beloved by gardeners and literature majors alike, has slowly been rearing its platypus bill silhouette for several years now." #LOL. In my opinion, they are the best inventions since camera-phones!

Then we have the winning, really cheap but super trendy, strap-sandals from Mr Price and Zara. There is obviously a major difference in the price, but wherever you choose to buy you will definitely walk out with some cool kicks.

These styles, namely velcro, straps and buckles, fit perfectly into the trending style which is utility wear. If you have a pair of cargo pants and these shoes, girl, believe it or not, you're rocking some fresh fashion.

So get yourself to the nearest Mr Price, cart some Birks on Superbalist, spend money you don't have (like me - I do that) and buy those Zara-Zebra plakkies. Life is too short not to embrace an excuse to be 100% comfortable and fashionable!