• Cara-Lee Compton

SPRINGING into the final chapter of 2020

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Fashion favourites for SPRING 2020

2020 is like that book or movie that you started reading or watching and it is the worst thing you have ever seen, but you have to power through it, because you have to know how it ends. Well, at least this final chapter kicks off with some fresh new Spring-styles. Here are the Top 5 Spring looks that is not going to break the bank and guaranteed to look great:


Photo: Caroline Herrera/ Moda Operandi

The Polka Dot print was extremely popular on various fashion week runways. Although the classic black and white polka dot dress was the favourite, don’t shy away from other colours, such as a bright yellow, which was just as popular.

Short dresses are stunning and will always be, but the longer tiered dresses are extremely popular at the moment. From Mr Price to Superbalist to Zara, there is something for everyone!

Style it with a bright and beautiful heal or a dainty little bag, and you are good to go!


Photo: whowhatwear.co.uk

I am very much in love with the tiered and trapeze dress craze at the moment (follow the links above to see some more and shop online). Then of course we have the knit dress which is a very hot piece of clothing to have in your closet this spring!

Knee to ankle-length is definitely the most popular for this season, and the funkier the sleeve, the better!

There are so many dresses to choose from so do NOT miss out on at least shopping one new item for Spring.


Photo: thestylestalker.com

Yes, you read correctly. Throw on an 'it' bra and a blazer,

and you have yourself a runway quality outfit! This style is a bit out there, I get it, but seriously anyone can pull it off.

It was extremely popular in recent fashion weeks

and on the streets of New York.

Photo: Marie Claire

The ‘it bra’ really shouldn’t be your brightest lacey number. Opt for something subtle, classy, and not necessarily see-through, if it matches your blazer, even better. Pair it with high-waisted trousers or a skirt (leather is still very popular at the moment) and there you have it, elegant and very fashionable.

If you are into street-style, this one is a must! I will just let the photos speak for themselves!


Photo: fashionista.com
Photo: tag-walk.com

Crochet has been very popular during the F/W 20 Spring season, and

then Harry Styles made it even cooler with his crochet cardigan, see the article I wrote for TheSouthAfrican.com. Although it has a ‘grandma’ stigma to it – as long as it is not on your toilet seat or kettle, it is everything but that.

It is cute and colourful and should not be a boring old pattern and colour.


Photo: Fashionista.com

These are the kind of fashion looks we tend to go ‘hmm, I don’t know if I’ll 'pull it off’. Well, you can, and you will. Bermuda shorts have been a favourite for quite some time now and the trend is still going strong. Bermuda shorts are pants that reach up to the knee-area.

They are extremely comfortable, and come in a lot of different shapes, materials, and colours. Talk about versatility.

It might seem weird at first and not stylish at all, but it is a runway trend I am going to back. Pair it with an it bra or a tucked-in blouse and you have a winning combo.

Photo: popsugar.com

Although fashion changes basically every single day - thanks to the horrible world of 'fast fashion', there are definitely some solid trends for the upcoming Spring season that gets me excited and that is worth 'investing' in.

On that note, I hope you only buy if you KNOW you will be wearing it for years. Watch out for seasonal, even weekly trends. It is not worth your money nor the future of our beautiful planet!

Hope you can at least take one thing from this blog. Own it, rock it, stay in bed with it or hit the streets in it - just ENJOY Spring and life, remember how quickly it can change!