• Cara-Lee Compton

On the edge of extinction

It might sound familiar if you are a Survivor fan, and I must admit, I have watched more episodes of Survivor than I would like to admit. The last month has felt like someone dropped me off at an island with the bare minimum at my disposal. I'm lost, it's dark, and when is the boat coming to get me?

The saddest part is, no matter how tough these times have been for me, there are people out there really facing extinction, whether it be their businesses closing down, people losing their jobs or even, facing death.

How did we get here? Was it really just from someone eating dodgy soup and now we're here, with our livelihoods being threatened and life as we know it turned upside down? Watching the New Zealand rugby resume over the weekend, with full stadiums, made me feel all sorts of emotion. Jealous, hopeful, tearful. I watched in awe!


I've had a lot of time for introspection, and I hope that the rest of the world, and South Africa, did as well. If you were upset because you couldn't go out, or get your hair and nails done, or perhaps because you ran out of alcohol and cigarettes, then you were upset for all the wrong reasons. I hope you worried about those who are poor, already suffering, stuck in abusive homes, fearing for their family's lives. I hope that you gave, whatever you had, to those in need. I hope you didn't harden your heart, and most of all I hope you didn't just complain for selfish reasons.

There's a very harsh reality staring us in the face here in our country, and it's going to last long after lockdown. People are going to suffer more than ever before. The unemployment rate is going to rise, and inequality will still be there, worse than ever.


I hope, I truly hope and call upon whoever is reading this, to be better post-lockdown than you were going into it. Be aware of what's going on around you. Do what you can to help. Donate to organisations, those people giving up everything they have to assist others. An extra R100 can help organisations such as the SPCA, orphanages, old age homes, and many other causes. You can even donate to your local hairdresser that is struggling to keep afloat or the local restaurant that just opened again, help your domestic lady, give something extra to the carguard.

There are many ways we can make this time better and more bearable for each other. Let's not think twice to assist those in need. The spirit of Ubuntu is more important and relevant than ever.

The edge of extinction is not going to last forever!