• Cara-Lee Compton


You know how you said you now have 35 days to catch up on lost time - read that book? Try that recipe? Exercise or study? And now it's day 28 and you have watched every show on Netflix, and that's about all you have to show for this time? Don't fret and don't fear, the queen of lists are here!

These are the small things I do each day or in preparation for the next day to ensure max efficiency:


Well that's pretty self-explanatory, but I write it down, as in everything! I have especially struggled to keep up with my research proposal, and it took an entire calendar to get me going. I used a lot of different colours and a very cute diary to get excited (I am the type of person that makes Typo successful as a store). You can even write down what needs to be done in different time slots - that helps even more. I also suggest that you schedule a break or a nap (I literally do this, life is short and you'll never have the opportunity again to take a quick nap during the week - carpe diem). Try and plan for the entire week ahead, so you know the main things that are important to get done by the weekend.


Preparation is the name of the game. You can make a list of what needs to be done until you turn blue, but failing to prepare is preparing to fail (wow, I'm really rolling in the basic quotes today). On a serious note - if you plan your workout in the afternoon, get into your workout clothes when you get up already and download or write down the workout that you plan on doing. If you want to try a new Pinterest recipe, write down the ingredients and plan when you are going to buy them. So, in essence, if you've written it down, you now have to prepare to do it. Easy, isn't it? (Sense the sarcasm).


I know, I sound like the Nike Training App I use (highly recommended, by the way). Seriously though, why go through all the planning and prepping if you end up being lazy? Yes, I know, the afternoon comes and the sun starts setting real quickly and now you are too tired for that workout. Take it from someone who regularly feel that way - you are NOT too tired. You are lazy from not burning any kind of calories that day. Go outside and get moving, you'll feel like a new lockdown creature.


Have you ever made a list, just so you can have the satisfaction of ticking off everything that you had to do? Call me crazy but I do it, it's just so satisfying and it makes me feel super efficient. This just helps you to see that if you plan, prepare and execute, that you actually move forward and get important things done! It also helps you to keep track of what you couldn't get done, so you can put it on the next day's list.


Remember, this too shall pass. Before we know it, we'll be 'back to normal'. Your normal, however, can and should be different after all of this. Make the best of it and teach yourself healthy habits again in this time. If you can manage to prioritise in this time, you can do it effortlessly post-lockdown. This is a glass half-full time - fill it up!

I know, I know, much easier said than done, but also much easier than you might think. It takes a few minutes and it can help you manage your entire day. It's really as easy as putting it down on paper and just getting it done.

So stop fooling yourself in thinking that you'll do it tomorrow, do it today and do even more tomorrow!