• Cara-Lee Compton

If you don't buy it - you're definitely losing money!

Yes, another blog about sales, but who doesn't love a good bargain! Let's talk online shopping. It's quick, convenient and can be the most affordable way to shop, and yet people still ask me about the 'HOW'.

As promised, here is your quick guide to crushing online shopping and getting the most out of it:


Now this right here is your greatest secret weapon in finding those bargains. With any app that you download, there will always be the option of enabling its push notifications (usually where the settings are for the app). ENABLE it as quickly as Muhammad Ali claimed he got into bed at night (if you don't know that quote, Google it - after reading this). What are these push notifications you may ask? It's that little thing that pops up at the top of your screen giving you some information from an app. Thanks to technology, we now even have push notifications from websites. Once you access any website, there will be a pop-up asking you to either allow or block notifications coming from that website. This means that you can allow push notifications from any online store or website that gives you information on sales. #WINNING


That reminds me, have you subscribed to my blog? Just kidding, but also, really, do it!

Anyway, subscribing to online stores or just normal stores' newsletters can give you a massive advantage in the world of fashion and buying what the next big thing is - at a reasonable price! Whether it is Takealot, Superbalist, Mr Price or Cotton On, I get daily newsletters, more than once a day, informing me of what's the haps in the world of trends and shopping. The best part? These emails go straight to your 'Promotions' folder, not spamming your inbox. It's in these emails that you can see what is actually in-store, or perhaps where you get promotion codes to use when you shop online - those '10% off extra' babies.


"I'm never at home when they deliver" - I understand what you're going through, and I'm here for you! So tip number three involves post-bargain buying, the aftermath of your spending - 'how do I get my order?' Luckily there is now a feature where you can pick up the order yourself before or after work, or perhaps in a lunch break. Takealot and Superbalist both distribute from the same hubs, and trust me, those hubs are about as spread out as the Metro Police over a weekend. There is probably one closer to you than you realize. It's super easy, free and is often a lot quicker than waiting for your order to be delivered. When checking out, select the 'COLLECT' option, and then choose whatever Takealot pickup point is closest to you or your workplace. Stores like Mr Price have also joined in on the click and collect movement. You can order online from Mr Price's app and just pick it up in store, avoiding those huge shops and long lines.

There are a few other hacks to being a bargain hunter, like following shops and brands that you like on social media and keeping an eye out for their promotions. I often share some sales and specials on social media, so be sure to follow me and keep a lookout for those!

Happy shopping, senoritas!