• Cara-Lee Compton

Hello Hurricane

...you're not enough

This Switchfoot song has been stuck in my head, and my heart, for a while now and I think it is with good reason.

What a hurricane these past few months have been.

Photo taken on the road to Kaapschehoop, sometime last year when travelling was still a thing

It constantly feels like my mind is everywhere and yet, nowhere. I want to and have to do a million things and end up doing barely anything. For a complete control freak like myself, Covid is killing me on another level (NO pun intended, really).

So as I was driving to work one morning, late as always, this song makes its way to the top of the shuffle list. I instantly remember the lyrics and the song just hits the spot. As I'm basically screaming 'hello hurricane', I think about all the hurricanes in my life and in our country.

So many obstacles, so many 'one day I can hopefully do it', so much stress for a 26-year old! Other than my first world problems, there is so much hurt and poverty in our world, our beloved country, and some days I wake up with the weight of all of that on my heart. 'How can I be better, do better, do more, help more?'

'Hello hurricane, you're not enough. Hello hurricane, you can't silence my love'. Is that what this hurricane is doing to us? Silencing our love? Silencing our rights, and our minds, our reasons to exist?

Well, I want to challenge you today to tell, to scream at this hurricane that it is not enough. It is not enough and won't ever be, to silence your dreams, your abilities, your love. It should not be enough to make you forget all the great things worth living for and working for.

It is NOT enough to let everything good in your life go, because of a temporary situation.

We serve a God greater than any storm in your life, and that I will never be able to deny or forget it.

Whatever your hurricane is today, don't LET it be enough.