• Cara-Lee Compton

Fashion Philosophy

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

My favorite 'F' word - even better than FRIDAY.

Anything is fashion and fashionable - style it your way.
YELLOW sneaks always win.

If the word 'philosophy' freaks you out – don’t fret, I feel it too. I spent two years learning and writing about Plato and Aristotle until I myself started to doubt whether I really exist. This form of philosophy however is much more exciting than merely questioning your own existence. This is about FASHION and how you perceive it and think about it as a real life, everyday concept.

Firstly, I feel like we tend to associate fashion with whatever is happening on the runways, or perhaps whatever Kanye decided to throw on Kim. Well, sure – the ‘formal’ fashion industry obviously plays a major role in what we eventually buy in stores and wear. Then again, every single person is a fashionista in themselves. You might perhaps be trending among your peers because you have a beautiful vintage velvet dress that used to be your mom’s, or you might stand out in a crowd because you decided to go for those leopard print boots.

It took me many, many years to realize what fashion and style is about. It’s not simply just buying what’s in the display window of Zara or whatever has the highest price tag. It’s about being able to identify trends and apply them to your wardrobe and everyday style. It’s also not about replacing your entire wardrobe every new season; I believe that being a skilled ‘stylist’ requires you to work with what you have and simply building a closet of trends over the years.

That leads me to my second point – TRENDS REPEAT! I have recently decided to store pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories that I really love for future use. If you’re wondering whether this is worth all the trouble, go watch at least one episode of Friends for a clear example of how fashion repeats many years later – the high waist mom jeans, crop tops, male-styled shirts and suit pants. In saying this, I want to urge you to do the same. Put away that expensive coat or those big earrings that won’t be trending next season, because in ten or twenty years you will regret not keeping it, or your daughter might even be upset with you! Also - let's clear up our landfills from wasted materials.

Fashion is guts. It’s hours of Pinterest and Superbalist sales. It’s fun and it is everything and anything. It’s what you make of it. So, I’m putting it to you, what is your fashion philosophy? Do you believe that anyone, you, can be a trendsetter? Do you back yourself and your style? Do you believe that whatever we are seeing in stores and magazines now, will come around again one day?

How do you frame ‘FASHION’ in your life?