• Cara-Lee Compton

Don't count the days, make the days count

This quote rings truer than ever, and is applicable, more than ever in my life.

I want to start off with a story of when I was only 16.

I was in Grade 10, and we went to Mozambique, Zavora, for an outreach. As blessed as I myself was to be able to do that, and although God had blessed others through us, I was counting down every minute until I got home. I remember it being a difficult time for me, as a teenager in the peak of their teenage years, and above all else my stomach was acting up because, well, we basically just ate Portuguese rolls.

After the one very long session of working in the community, one of the girls from our group came to me and gave me a card that said 'Don't count the days, make the days count'. I mean, WHAT? Ladies and gentlemen, that is how God speaks to us. It really was such a revelating moment that opened my eyes, even for challenges to come exactly ten years later.

Just last night a few of us were saying how we just want 2020 to end. 'What a waste of a year', and then the quote hit me. First, if there was ever a year to learn so much more about yourself and the people around you, it is this year. If there was ever a time for you to think outside the box, start something new, really do good for those in need, dream new dreams, 2020 is the year!

Whether we wanted it or not, time really did fly, and we might be happy because there is only two months left - but you know, two months is a lot. You can still make healthier lifestyle choices, declutter, learn something new or try a new recipe. You can even start planning that first international trip post-lockdown. I still have a research proposal to finish, board exams to write, getting in better shape and try to survive my clerkship. Times are tough, but times are moulding me into a stronger more resilient person.

We simply cannot live a meaningful life, serving our purpose, if we are constantly wishing we weren't in 'these times' or 'this season'. The key is to be excited about what is ahead, but not to in any way wish for time to pass in the moment.

LIVE these last two months!!!