• Cara-Lee Compton

Did someone say SALE?

Now listen, Linda - I have to admit I am no fashion expert. Then again, if I see what pops up at fashion weeks and on runways, fashion and style becomes relative - the good old "it's what you want it to be".

What I really am good at though, is seeking out sales and buying bargains. I very often feel that if I don't buy things that I need (or reeealllly want) on sale, that I am losing money. Think I have a problem? I definitely do, but I'm not ready to take the first step to admitting it nor changing it. I absolutely THRIVE on #Superbalist quickies and sales, from Zara to Mr P, and there is nothing I enjoy more than telling EVERYONE about my #winnings. People have seriously asked me whether I have some sort of agreement with Superbalist (that is the dream though) because I am constantly forcing people to download the app and turn on those push notifications. Also, check those 'Promotions' folders on your Gmail accounts, issa gold mine out there.

My point is. Life is too short. Download Superbalist TODAY. Go sale-shopping. Do it.

(Many more blogs to follow on this - the passion is real).