• Cara-Lee Compton

Accessories are necessities - PART 2

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Handbags, socks and SHOES, glorious shoes!

Freedom Of Movement Amarula Box Bag @TheClub, Pretoria

Okay, apparently diamonds are a girl's best friend, perhaps if you're Cardi B and you put them on your Lambo - I'd say #handbags take the prize on this one. Apart from keeping all your goodies it's also a great way to change-up an outfit. Although I am a fan of buying proper leather products, Freedom of Movement being my all time favorite, I also have leather products from Egypt and bought locally from #Woolworths. We see many other local leather stores and online shops pop up, like Filly Leather in the Grove Mall, making the products a bit cheaper and making South Africa a proper leather product producer. Leather is ALWAYS an investment!

Then you get the cutest most budget friendly bags on Superbalist, at Mr Price and Miniso.com. If you haven't been in a Miniso shop, get going girl, it's the kind of place that makes you buy things you didn't know you needed. Then there's the moon-bag trend that made its comeback, but instead of wearing it around your hips you wear it across your chest, basically making it a boob-bag! Although it's a trend I'm still warming up to, there are really cute ones out there. Both #Zara and #Superbalist have leopard print ones, while local online shops like #SkoonmaClothing have tan and black leather "belt-bags'.

Now I must confess, I've had a thing for #socks since I was little. SO weird, I know. I used to LOVE buying new socks and then sliding across our old house's wooden floors. Lucky for me, my weird craze paid off and socks became a game-changer in the style arena. Prints, patterns, quirky lines and animal faces. My favorites would have to be those silky, shiny, sheer socks. In winter times you can keep warm and look cool, while in summer you can flaunt some cute socks with a dress and sneaks.

Lastly, #shoes. I would dedicate 1 million blogs to shoes, in fact, I think I might just do exactly that! Seriously though, shoes are EVERYTHING. You dress-up and dress-down the same outfit with different shoes, and THAT is why shoes are just as much an accessory as earrings and bags. For now, let's focus on what is happening in the world of fashion. Platforms are a must! #Supergas are the death of me - they have so many colors and different options. If the normal, big platform isn't for you, try their mid-wedge platforms, they give you the same vibe without feeling like your back to Spice Girls era! Another favorite are those that look like sneakers with a bit of a platform boost. They are available at #CottonOn and #Zara, ranging from R450 to R750. A trend I don't really feel and probs won't, are those chunky, buff sneakers. In my opinion one has to be really skinny and have super thin legs for the chunky sneaks to look okay, otherwise your legs and ankles might look a bit bulky as well, hence, me not wearing them.

Loafers and slip-on's are also doing the things. There are so many styles and a lot of different colors and patterns, and they work well with most outfits (please just let the bell-bottom jeans go, like, forever). Then, look out for block heel boots. This trend makes me so happy, truly happy! I love the block heel because it's not very high, and I can NOT do high heels (my foot arch is AWOL - my feet are about as flat as some would like to believe the earth is).

Someone will physically have to stop me from writing about shoes all day er'day, but let's leave it here (for now). More to follow on shoes and their superpowers!

Get accessorizing!