• Cara-Lee Compton

Accessories are necessities - PART 1

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Those funky earrings, big scarves and old-school hair clips are an absolute must this season!

Now, accessories are golden to finish off an outfit, but don't underestimate its ability to be the actual focus of your look! Another great thing about accessorizing is that you can wear the same outfit over and over again, but then spice it up with all these other gems.

SO - what exactly do 'accessories' entail? Let me tell you, the possibilities are endless!

Firstly, big beautiful and bright earrings have made their comeback! lovisa.com constantly have the best sales, especially on #earrings. I bought three sets of gorgeous earrings for R150 - bargain! Now please don't feel like because it's a trend you have to buy the most out-there earrings, I know some of them look like carnival ornaments hanging from your ears - and that can be scary! I really struggle with styling my earrings, because it's the one #accessory I'm not used to, BUT I went to Lovisa and bought a black tassel set (the classic, goes well with anything for any occasion), a set of gold and burnt orange round earrings (colors I wear a lot) and finally a set of wired golden faces (super funky, but not too over-the-top). Also, let's not forget the good old trusted superbalist.com on this one - a MAJOR trend across departments are those acrylic brown/black accessories (those ones that kind of look like leopard print). They are extremely popular as earrings, rings and hair clips.

That leads me to another comeback kid - hair clips. Oh how we loved them when we were little, then despised them again - praying that no one even sees your bobby pins #uncool. As stated before - trends REPEAT! If only mankind can recycle plastic like we do trends. Cottonon.com has some great deals on their hair clips, two different packs for R120. Use them for a date night, a wedding or even just to keep your hair from bothering when you study (or in my case, from getting into my plate when I eat).

Lastly - invest in two or three scarves. I'm talking those ranging from the ones that look like it's a part-time blanket, normal scarves as well as those dainty satin ones - they have various prints and colors and can be extremely effective in putting together the perfect outfit.

Without looking like a Christmas tree, just try it honey! You can seriously up your style game with some bling and sassy scarves!