• Cara-Lee Compton

2020 Autumn/ Winter Trends - Fashion Week Fresh

Street styles also fit for the office, ain't that the dream? Well, look no further, the fashion heavens have rained down on us and we can basically just capsule-wardrobe for the entire season and wear it anywhere, any time! Also, now that we've been 'forced' to sit at home, what better time to go through every online store there is (in between work and studying - obviously).

1. Fluff and fur

One major trend that hit the shops end of last winter season was furry, fuzzy coats and jackets, the teddy bear coat being the most popular of these. Opt for an oversized teddy coat and keep it neutral - black, beige or brown. Please stick to faux fur - literally no one will be impressed by real fox fur, it is actually very frowned upon and I expect that you feel the same way about animal fur as Phoebe does in Friends.

There are a few different price tags on these bear-like beauties, obviously depending on the store you're buying at. Just remember, and take this from someone usually just shopping when there's a sale, quality over quantity in this case. This is the kind of coat your kids will be stealing from your closet one day - invest in a proper one (it will be a much more stable investment than what we are seeing with the markets right now).

2. Trenches

Okay, I have to admit, a few years ago I threw out a trench coat because I honestly thought it was just not cool enough anymore - well hello to the return of the trench coat. The only thing that gives me a bit of peace about throwing it out, is that it probably wouldn't have fit anymore. Anyway - TRENCHES, such versatile creations. They go with jeans, sneakers, boots, heels, flats, leather pants, cordaroys, tapered pants... the possibilities are endless.

In my opinion (and on my list), there is no better buy than a black trench coat, just because of its sophisticated look. I do however see a trend in a more camel-coloured coat, and that is absolutely a MUST if you are doing the monochrome layering thing (see next point). You can either wrap yourself up in your trenchie on cold days, or you can let it loose and layer it with a polo neck jersey. Make it work for any and every occasion!

3. Monochromatic

MONOCHROMES. How lucky are we to experience this trend, and how lucky are we to have Zendaya showing us how it's done (middle photo above). Mono = single and chromatic = colour. Not like, a solid colour from head to toe, and then looking like a banana when you opt for yellow. It's choosing a colour and doing it in different shades. It was seen and loved on every runway and fashion week and has now infiltrated our stores.

Going monochrome is quite easy, pick a colour and wear it, in all its shades and all its glory!

4. Bourgeois

Trimmed, tailored and precise cuts. The 'bourgeois' takes us back to the 1970's and our inner French ladies. It (finally) leaves behind the neon and animal print for a more sophisticated look. A look that combines being 'feminine' and strong at

the same time. Bourgeois is one of the most popular trends at the moment, especially with winter knocking on our doors. I'm talking silky blouses and scarves, wool capes and trenchcoats, blazers and knee length boots and midi-skirts. Great news, you probably already have a few bourgeois essentials in your closet. Silk scarves? Throw it around your neck or in your hair. A coulotte hanging around? Pair it with knee-high rider boots. Bought a trenchie already? Pair it with tailored pants and boots and you've got yourself a French vibe. Just, no matter what you do, never call a modern-day French lady a bourgeois, it is apparently not received very well!

5. Leather

I know someone, somewhere, with an old leather gem in their closet is super excited right now. Leather is back like never before. If you can leather-out your entire outfit, you better do it. It was a hit in all Fashion Weeks around the world, inspired by the previously mentioned knee-high equestrian style boots and leather trench coats. Instead of the previous Spring leather trend that saw bold and bright colours, black is the new black for Autumn/ Winter leather trends. Not only is heavy-black the favourite colour for this trend, but also other dark colours such as brown and emerald green.


Referring back to my 'opening statement' about a capsule-wardrobe, do you see what I mean? You can buy equestrian style knee-high leather boots, a trench coat, silk blouses and a scarf and there you have the basics for an on-trend outfit. You can mix-and-match between all the above-mentioned trends (which has A LOT in common, by the way), and look like you stepped out of a New York Fashion Week event, pretty much everyday!

Start your online shopping (even if you add things to your wishlist, fow now), while you have the time!

Photos: Vogue.com, Pinterest, FW20, Saint Laurent, Hermes, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Khaite.