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Hi, I’m Cara-Lee

and this is my story.

In the words of a wise little man, "I drink [coffee] and I know things" (Game of Thrones). At the age of 25, I was a final year law student, with a degree in politics, that wanted to go into media and journalism. If you just had a question mark pop up, yeah, welcome to my quarter life crisis.

For the sake of optimism, let's call it a quarter life come-up. I turned 26 this year and experienced a change of vision, change of dreams and a change of direction. In fact, it's been coming a long way and I've even considered dropping out of law school many a time, but 'momma didn't raise no quitter'. Looking back on my seven years of studying, I can confirm what I don't want to spend the rest of my life doing. This blog was one of the first steps I took towards doing what I actually love. Don't get me wrong, in a weird way I enjoy the corporate world I currently work in - I am learning a LOT and my dream is ultimately to start my own businesses and fund my own dreams, but for a few years I'll do the law thing and hey, the money is not that bad (when you pass the articles stage).

So why 25?

To be honest, it was only when I turned twenty five that the landscape of my life really changed. I realized that I could wear whatever I felt like that day. I could go to campus in gym clothes, or I could dress up. I could wear my Mr Price culotte with my Zara jacket. I could wear my MAC foundation with my Clicks eye shadow. On a tight budget, not everything has to be the most expensive on the market - even on a regular budget. My years as a student have taught me how to stretch my finances and constantly 'hustle' for the best deal. It also took me 25 years to accept my body for the way God made it - and that's something I want to share with every person out there.


I want to share these 'skills' I've acquired - from where to get the best bargain deals on fashion, food and travel, to what the latest law-lingo is. I might just throw in a comment on sport or major things happening in our country. 

This blog will be all over the place, like my brain most days, but stick around for the good stuff!


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