25 & alive

You might be thinking you've passed the age of twenty five a long time ago, or perhaps you're still a few years from it, so how could you possibly relate to being 'twenty five and alive'? 

Well, I am twenty six, doing my master's degree in law, just started working as a candidate attorney and still somewhat dependent on my parents (because, article clerk salary) and quite far from getting married. Furthermore, I have decided that what I have studied and the work I'm doing now will not necessarily be what I do for the rest of my life.

Sounds familiar? A quarter life crisis I call it.

So, if you have ever experienced anything similar or just find yourself in a place where you feel stuck or unsure, be sure to stick around. I would love to share this blog journey and everything it holds, with you!

What to expect? I'll be talking style tips and tricks, how to become a bargain hunter and an online-shopping expert. I also share life and law experiences and knowledge, or just a few random rants. Also, how to be happy AND healthy, travelling on a budget and ultimately - how to work with what you've got, whether it's your make-up bag, your wardrobe or your bank account. Keen? 

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Beauty on a


All you need on how to work with what you have and still look flawless.

Sale? Sold!

How to do the most with a sale. Tips and tricks on getting those bargains.

Hey, Jetsetter!

Adventures and travels in and out of South Africa.


Healthy, and


how are you?

Glowing skin, balanced diet, healthy gut - what a challenge, right?

From life to law

Life, law and everything in between that everyone is thinking but no one is talking about.

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